“Why become Catholic?”

It’s a question that has overtaken my life these past few months as I have embarked on becoming a catechumen in the Roman Catholic Church.

In the beginning, my answers trended toward the tangible. I liked how mass is essentially the same no matter where you go (especially if attending Latin mass). I liked the sense of history and the Apostolic connections. I liked the traditions and the focus on our commonalities.

But as I have been asked to articulate my motives and listen to others do the same, I have come to realize that my rationalizations fall short in explaining why I decided to act. I rattle off lists of traits that I like about the church, but really all this covers up is my discomfort in admitting that it was a gut feeling that led me to church.

Pretty weak-sounding, no? I like to think myself a modern individual with a respect for empiricism, and as such, I feel self-conscious of sounding superstitious. Strengthening our faith, however, requires letting go of the idea that there is a material explanation for everything. Don’t get me wrong, there’s an explanation for a lot. But as for why I have decided to join the church?

The Holy Spirit told me so, and I finally listened. I find it only appropriate to start this blog with giving nod to the Holy Spirit and asking for guidance as we muddle our way in new journey of better knowing the Trinity, the Church and ourselves.


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