Pope Watch

Ok. So I know I might be walking a fine line with idolotry, but has anyone else noticed how stylish our Holy Father is? Seriously: the hats, the shoes… Fabulous! Moreover, as with many rituals in the church, I suspect there is a reason for why our spirital leaders wear certain attire on certain days. This series on church fashion will be devoted to this practice. Let’s start with this lovely red hat sported by Pope Benedict.

My google sleuthing informs me that this particular hat is called a “camuaro” or “saturno” — so named because of its resemblence of the rings of Saturn. Various web-sites claim that this hat was popular among medieval popes, as well as the more contemporary Pope John XXIII. It’s significance — aside from shielding its wearer from the elements — is to show continuity in a thousand year tradition of wearing cool hats. But more importantly, the red signifies the blood of the sacrifice Jesus Christ.

Do you think that this is part of the “little things” that Saint Therese was talking about?

photo from: bbc.co.uk


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